Face Yoga Teacher Training

Face Yoga Teacher Training

Our GET FACE FIT™ Method Dynamic Face Yoga Teacher Training is designed to mentor you with easy, natural and revolutionised anti-aging procedures as you take the big leap into holistic beauty. Olivia Szmidt, the founder will guide you to become a masterful face yoga teacher through her signature GET FACE FIT™ Method and ignite your road to rejuvenation.

Beyond the essential knowledge and methods, you’ll be geared to start your own face yoga business so you can inspire and transform people with more youthful and lifted faces. Everyone deserves a glow up without getting an invasive approach. You can navigate into this new journey with ease and have the support you can get behind with our exclusive private community

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  • Learning Modules

    After purchasing your course, you'll get a PDF file of our learning modules.

  • Video Library

    Link to access thepre-recorded video library.The videos are shot by a professional team.

  • Community

    Access to our exclusive Facebook group.

  • Become Certified

    GET FACE FIT™ Academy Certification.

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  • Learn the connection of skin, facial anatomy, stress, and signs of aging.

    This is essential to easily navigate the face, the muscles that needs to be worked out for targeted problems and the root causes of the fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and sagging skin. You’ll also understand how Face Yoga can affect your wellbeing.

  • Learn relaxation techniques that complement with face yoga.

    Overall wellness is promoted through channeling your energy to relaxation and unleash inner calm. A happy mind releases wonderful emotions that the face will show. It manifests what flows within your soul.

  • Learn The GET FACE FIT™ method and dynamic facial fitness exercises.

    Our program will teach you exactly the signature techniques that Olivia Szmidt used to rejuvenated hundreds of beautiful faces across the globe. This includes facial tension release, lymph flow drainage, acupressure and workouts that strengthen the facial muscles so you get that sculpted and toned face. It takes training the muscles to create the natural face lift.

  • Learn how to ignite your face yoga business.

    Starting a business out of your passion is exciting. But it takes well guided steps for you to conduct your offers whether it be consultations, classes or even workshops without the hassle. We’ll teach you how it’s done efficiently online or offline so you can easily launch the business of your dreams.

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  • 1. Introduction

    • What is Face Yoga?

    • Face Yoga studies

    • Different kinds of techniques in Face Yoga

    • Face Yoga guidelines

  • 2. Facial Anatomy

    • Facial bones

    • Facial muscles and functions

    • The Skin

  • 3. GET FACE FIT™ Method Face Lifting Flows

    45+ Face Yoga exercises with posture alignment segments.

  • 4. Acupressure Points on the Face

    Learn how to activate & release all facial acupressure points.

  • 5. Breath Work

    Learn breath work techniques that support the lymphatic system.

  • 6. How Stress Affects The Face

    Wellbeing for Relaxation, General Wellbeing, Tips for Sleep and Tips for Nutrition

  • 7. Initial Face Yoga Consultation

    Face Checklist, Personalised Face Programme, How to Teach a Session, Face Yoga as a Business, Health and Safety Procedure, Additional Helpful Information

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  • Digital learning modules and recorded training videos

  • 2-hour live teacher training via Zoom

  • Lifetime access to modules and videos

  • Special teacher feature on our social media channels

  • Certification as a Face Yoga Teacher

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"Wow the Face Yoga Teacher Training was intense but really worth it. Didn’t know there was so much theory around the skin and face anatomy and understanding stress affecting our skin. I love learning all the different face exercises. The how to start your business part was extremely helpful too."

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I paid my program?

After your payment has been confirmed, you’ll receive an e-mail within 24 hours withyour access credentials and link to your program.

If you enroll with Face Yoga Teachers Training or Face Lifting Massages, you’ll also receive a link to your designated exclusive Facebook group so you can meet and get in tune with the community.

How can I get certification?

For students in Face Yoga Teachers Training and Face Lifting Massages, you can only get certified once you’ve finished the modules and successfully passed the written and virtual practical exam within a year upon enrolment.

How do I know if this program is for me?

This is for you is you are a beauty enthusiast, aesthetician, yoga, fitness or Pilates instructor. Even if you are hotel or spa owner or general manager, you can sign up your team to train with us.
Basically, ANYBODY who’s interested to immerse in holistic beauty methods.

What support do I get?

Our team is always there for you to answer any questions you might have. If you have any technical issues with accessing your videos or any other concerns regarding the exercises, we will be happy to help you solve them. The best way is to connect with us via email, just write to We are always trying to improve ourselves and our program so we are always happy to get in touch and encourage you to share your feedback with us.

How long can I access the video materials?

You have a lifetime access to video materials so you can always go back to it whenever you want.

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