About Us

The GET FACE FIT™ Academy is an online learning platform for beauty and wellness enthusiasts, professionals, and aspiring Face Yoga Teachers.

Our best-in-class methods include dynamic face exercises and treatments that are consciously designed to tone, tighten and sculpt the 40+ face muscles, increase blood circulation, boost collagen and elastin. Not only that, you can spark mind and face connection by grounding techniques to release face tension – get an instant glow.

Learn our proven ways to create groundbreaking beauty experiences (with holistic self-care as the core) and naturally unleash lifted appearance, rejuvenated, and youthful glow.

  • Our Mission

    To produce a powerhouse of face fitness professionals and teachers who shape natural beauty with our GET FACE FIT™ & face fitness exercises.

  • Our Vision

    To bring the simplicity and effectiveness of face fitness to everyone with our renowned GET FACE FIT™ and non-invasive facial massage techniques.

The Founder, Olivia Szmidt

After having left my corporate finance job in 2017 feeling completely burned out, stressed, and lost I decided to completely turn my life around and embark on a transformative holistic wellness journey not knowing it would change my life forever.

Having visited many retreats, TCM treatments including facial reflexology and acupuncture I then learned from various masters and teachers who taught me to always treat your body from the root cause and start looking at your whole body, face, and mind as a whole.

That is when I understood that everything is interconnected. I was then trained in various face lifting and face strengthening techniques in London and Asia that are all aimed at releasing facial tension and toning all of our 50+ face muscles.

  • Innovation

    Development is constant for our beauty and wellness solutions so you can seamlessly align to contemporary and non-compromising beauty results.

  • Excellence

    We work consciously hard to implement flawless and supercharged techniques to help you standout as an advocate of youthful transformation.

  • Inclusivity

    Our teachings are designed to cater to each unique individual without compromise.

  • Community Love

    We foster harmony so uplifting and active support within the academy becomes second nature. You go at ease with the flow.

  • Positivity

    As healthy overall wellbeing is our goal for one another, we grasp the present and future through the lens of self-love. This empowers us to connect to our higher self.