Learn how to tone, Lift + sculpt your face.


7 Day Face Lift Programme

This Online Course Will Help You With:
Strengthening Facial Muscles
Reducing Fine Lines + Wrinkles
Increasing Blood Circulation
Improving Skin Tone + Texture
Boosting Lymph
Reducing Face Puffiness
Meet Your Guide

Olivia Szmidt

Olivia Szmidt, Founder of GetFaceFit has been following holistic treatments from the Far East and Eastern Europe for many years. She is a licensed Aesthetician and Facial Reflexology Therapist. Her focus lies in deep muscle stimulation and treating various skin conditions from the inside out.
6 Years Industry Expertise
Trademark Methodology
Leading A Global Community
What is

Included In The Course


Posture Alignment Workouts


Upper Face Workouts


Lower Face Workouts


Chest + Neck Workouts


Over 30+ Face-Lifting Exercises
Daily Workouts
Access to the exercises whenever it is convenient for you
Quick results within the first week of exercises
Support whenever you need it - whatever your questions, we will answer them
Get The latest updates for free, forever
Our Community Loves us

Real People. Real Results.

Olivia, I love the FaceSculpt Challenge. I had deep nasolabial folds and now this area is showing so much less wrinkles. My jowls have lifted too! Not only that my body feels lighter and taller due to the posture work!
- Susan L
I’m on day 12 of the program now. And what should I say? I have a jawline again and my skin texture has improved too! I sent you a picture of my lowered eyelid and asked you if it could be fixed, and I just can’t believe it, now it’s so much better! You saved me from an expensive plasma pen treatment, which I wanted to do to fix my dropped eyelid on my right eye. Never ever have I thought that my posture was the reason!
- Katie D
How We Are

Going To Help You


Gain Self-Confidence
Our programme will help you feel more self-confident and you will start to have a glow about yourself that others will notice.


On Going Support
You will receive daily facial workouts that will you need to complete, where we will show you how to use our FaceSculpt Method.


Facial Techniques
You can now control which area of the face you want to improve, and not rely on any type of injections or surgery.
Exclusive Recording
Exclusive Guide


Have Peace Of Mind

7 day Money Back guarantee

More People Who Love Us

I love the the 30 Day Face Sculpting challenge! The results are insane! The most important thing that I noticed was that my face became more symmetrical, due to the strong jaw tension there was much worse asymmetry than it is now in the photo, but after 4 weeks I saw great changes.
- Lina P
I’m in Day 21 of the Challenge and want to thank you for my extraordinary progress. Participating in this programme was the best buy I’ve done in years. My main issue was my horizontal frown lines. After just 2 weeks of daily face exercises my frown lines have really minimised and I feel my whole forehand lifted.
- Pamela L

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Access The Programme On Any Device?

Yes, you can easily access the program 24/7 on any desktop or mobile device with a valid purchase.

What Should I Expect From The Online Course?

The program teaches you how to improve your facial structures by exercising your facial muscles. Everyday you will be given a new set of workouts which targets specific areas in your face and won’t take longer than 10 minutes. The program is designed to get you the best results possible.The key is for you to gain more control over your facial habits & movements and helping to release any facial tension.

what Support Do I get?

Our team is always there for you to answer any questions you might have. If you have any technical issues with accessing your videos or any other concerns regarding the exercises, we will be happy to help you solve them. The best way is to connect with us via email, just write to info@getfacefit.com. We are always trying to improve ourselves and our program so we are always happy to get in touch and encourage you to share your feedback with us.

How Often Do I Need To Practise Before Seeing Results?

We have more than 50 muscles on our face, which are attached directly to the skin and we can exercise all of them. The special thing about the muscles in your face is that they are all connected directly to the skin - we will be working those muscles and it is important to understand that once you work those muscles they gain more volume which gives your skin a place to lay on, smoothing it in the process. No other tools needed.

Will I Get Wrinkles From Practising Regularly?

No - some people think that moving face muscles will cause more wrinkles. While the wrong repetitive kinds of movements can cause unwanted wrinkles, moving them in the right way can prevent and even reduce them. The Face Sculpt Method routine is a holistic approach to your face this why it is important to follow the sequence of the course and rest in between workouts. To make sure you are using the right muscles and moving them correctly, practice in front of a mirror until you are able to do the movements correctly. It is very important to avoid wrinkling other parts of your face while doing certain poses, this is explained in more detail in the course.

I’ve had Fillers/ Botox and/or a Facelift. Can I Still Exercise My Face?

Yes - the beauty of our program is that it can be practiced in combination with other facial treatments. However, since Botox suppresses your facial muscle movements it can be hard to move your face muscles right after the treatment. If you feel extreme discomfort, stop the exercise and consult your physician. When you practice, make sure your face is well hydrated to avoid unnecessary damage to your skin’s surface. Just imagine smiling with chapped lips; moving your lips that way only makes it worse.

If you just got Botox, Fillers or Threads done here is how long you should wait until starting with the exercises:

- Botox: after 2 Weeks
- Filler: after 4 Weeks
- Threads: exercising your face is not recommended

What Is The Refund Policy?

We don't offer refunds, since it is a digital product, but we will do our best to give you the best possible experience and support possible.